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Creature's Comfort Pet Lodge
A peaceful retr

14496 Cable Bridge Road
Gulfport, Mississippi

... where your furry family members can enjoy all of the creature comforts of home!!!

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Phone:  (228) 832-8700 

  Creature's Comfort Pet Lodge offers first class accommodations and services in a fun and friendly atmosphere your pets will absolutely love!!!  

The Lodge features bright, spacious, comfortable rooms and suites for your pet in a unique and soothing environment...  Our beautiful country setting and modern climate controlled facility combined with lots of personal attention will ensure your furry family member a safe and fun filled 'home away from home'.  We are completely dedicated to your pet's health and happiness while they are our guest!

 We are not a typical 'boarding kennel'.  We put a lot of thought and planning into creating a natural and stress free 'resort style' Lodge while striving to keep our prices reasonable.  Our luxury and deluxe suites feature individual yards which will give your pet outdoor access at will.

 Besides meeting the physical needs of our guests, we also cater to each of their individual 'senses'.  Our interior design was planned to create an atmosphere of comfort, way beyond what other facilities offer.  Colors in various shades of nature were used throughout the Lodge.  During the daytime, relaxing music plays quietly in the background.  During the evening and nighttime hours, we provide the soothing sounds of 'Through a Dog's Ears', music that has been clinically demonstrated to help calm separation anxiety and other stress related issues (including thunderstorm panic during stormy weather).  

We have 'pet friendly' plants both inside and out that not only give the Lodge a home-like feel but help keep the air clean naturally. 
Speaking of air, we also use ultrasonic mist diffusers to dispense subtle aromas specially blended to sooth pets with the light scents of lavender, chamomile, vanilla and geranium.

 And of course, each guest will receive one-on-one attention each and every day, staying as close to their normal home routine as possible.        

Whether for just a few days or for an extended stay, your pet's comfort and safety is our top priority.  You can take comfort in the knowledge that since we live on site, your pets will have care available 24/7.  Although we are here for our guests full time, we do have scheduled office hours as listed below.  Since we are a small family owned and operated facility, this allows us some uninterrupted time to provide the personal care and attention each guest receives.

We invite you to stop by during our regular office hours, or call to schedule an appointment to visit our Lodge and see first hand the fine accommodations and quality care your beloved pet(s) will receive.  We'd love to meet you, and your furry friends!


Monday through Friday - 8am to 11am and 2pm to 5pm
Saturday - 8am to 12pm
Sunday - 8am to 9am
Closed the Following Holidays:
Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

~ Check out time is 8am - 11am Mon-Fri, 8am - 12pm Sat, 8am - 9am Sun ~
Mon - Fri Evening Checkouts will have a Late Checkout Fee

We thank you in advance for observing the hours we are open to the public!


e-mail -
Phone - (228)832-8700

Please note:
A construction photo of the Lodge is shown below so you can see its quality construction during the building process.  What you can't see is the poured concrete filling and steel re-bar within the blocks...  

If a coastal evacuation is ever necessary and you are concerned about leaving your beloved pets behind, know that they will be as safe as possible in our Lodge and that we will remain on the premises throughout the duration of the emergency.  We also have on-site generators to insure that your pets will remain comfortable during any power outages...

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