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Guest Accommodations & Rates

Your pet's safety & happiness here at The Pet Lodge is our top priority! 


Canine Guests

All of our canine guests receive multiple play times daily in our outdoor playground.  The playground features a covered patio and a large fenced yard.  Even during inclement weather your pet will be able to get out and enjoy some exercise and personal one-on-one attention.  

We encourage you to bring your pet's own bedding, favorite toys and things so they will have their own familiar items during their stay with us.  Just like camp, please mark all personal belongings with your pet's name!  Please note that we are not responsible for personal items that are lost or damaged. 

 We also encourage you to bring the food and treats they are used to eating at home.  Due to limited storage space, please bring only the amount you think they'll need, plus enough for a couple of extra days.  Also, be sure to bring any medications your dog may need and we will be happy to administer it on a regular schedule.  

We recommend that you schedule a bath for the day of check out so your pet can come home clean and refreshed.  

Rates and accommodations:

We offer three (3) different rooms to choose from at Creature's Comfort Pet Lodge...
Luxury Suite ~ Features extra large rooms with an attached 8' x 10' outdoor patio.  Room includes regular bed, TV, ceiling fan, continuous fresh water and daily maid service.

Deluxe Suite ~ Features large room with attached 4' x 10' outdoor patio.  Room includes continuous fresh water, daily maid service and four daily trips to the yard area for play and exercise.

Regular Room ~ Features large room with continuous fresh water and daily maid service, with four daily trips to the yard area for play and exercise.

Luxury Suite - $36.00

Deluxe Suite - $25.00
Regular Room - $23.00

We also offer these additional activities for your pet at $7.00 per session:

One-on-one interactive playtime (their choice of Frisbee, fetch or similar activities).
or ~
A supervised nature walk around the premises. 


Note:  20% discount applies to second (2nd) guest in room or suite and to any shared activity time.   Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to see the note that applies to ALL guests here at the Lodge.



  Feline Guests  

All of our feline guests will enjoy the comfy ambiance of a relaxed home-like environment.  Each airy two story kitty condo has a spacious ground floor with sleeping loft and separate area for the litter box, as well as a cozy nook where the guest can retreat for privacy.  

The condos include a plush fleece bed, a perch for climbing, a scratching post, a litter box, continuous fresh water and daily maid service.

Whether they prefer to sit in a lap, chase a ball or watch TV, the choice is theirs.  Each guest will be offered playtime outside of their condo each day.  Every effort is made to see that they feel at home while staying with us.  Our feline guests are kept separately from the dogs so they can romp, play or relax, stress free.

To make your kitty feel even more at home, we encourage you to bring their own bedding, food, treats and any favorite toys.  Please make sure all personal belongs are properly marked for identification.  We are not responsible for personal items that are lost or damaged.  

Due to limited space, please bring only the toys they are most comfortable with and only the amount of food you think they'll need, plus a little extra.  You are encouraged but not required to bring their usual food.  Also, please bring any medications your cat may need and we will be happy to administer it on schedule.


Kitty condo - $23.00



To all guests:

Each guest must have a current original signed boarding contract, release form AND proof of up-to-date vaccines on file prior to check-in.

All guests must be on flea control.  If any external parasites are found, corrective measures will be made at the expense of the owner.  If we do need to treat your pet for fleas, we will use Capstar Flea Treatment unless otherwise specified by you.

If you pet takes medication, we will administer it for $1.00 per day.
Special needs pets ~ additional $5.00 per guest.

Please note:  * Checkouts after regular business hours are subject to a $20.00 fee *

~ Check out time is 11 am ~
Late check outs after 11 am will incur a fee of one half of the room rate as follows:
Luxury Suite ~ $18.00
Deluxe Suite ~ $12.50
Regular Room ~ $11.50

Note:  Additional charges are per room, not per pet...


We encourage you to bring an item (such as an old t-shirt) that has the scent of home on it, as well as their own bedding.  We have found that this will make your pet's stay even more pleasant! 


Reservations are strongly recommended.

Call (228) 832-8700 

Cancellation Policy:  Creature's Comfort Pet Lodge, LLC reserves the right to charge a fee if 48 hour notification of cancellation is not given prior to the reservation date.

Note:  Creature's Comfort Pet Lodge, LLC adheres to the rules and regulations set forth by the American Boarding Kennel Association as outlined in the Pet Care Bill of Rights and the Pet Care Owner's Bill of Rights.

Schedule a bath & brushing before check-out and we will make sure your pet looks and feels GREAT!!!


Canine Day-Spa Package: 

Includes bath with a choice of one of our premium shampoos, conditioner, fluff drying and 15 minutes of brushing.

NOTE:  All baths are done by prior appointment only!

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